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It Happened Like This

It Happened Like This


It Happened Like This – By Adrienne Lindholm

“In the wild, something inside me opens to innovation, inspiration, creativity, and imagination. It’s a good feeling, one that leaves me light and full of energy, free to imagine who I want to be in this life. . . . Yet it’s slippery and ephemeral, and I can never seem to pack it out with me.”

—Adrienne Lindholm

Staff at Alpacka couldn’t put this book down! It Happened Like This is a memoir by Alaskan writer and packrafter Adrienne Lindholm recounting her move to Alaska as a young woman eager to begin her career in environmental and wildlife studies. Adrienne celebrates the many ways in which Alaska, and her outdoor adventures there, inspired self-discovery, as well as revealing her difficult and intimate journey into motherhood. Her story is told through the framework of connection to landscape and relating to oneself through the outline of massive mountains on the horizon; a caribou moving through an alder forest; the effort to climb a glaciated peak; and the peace that settles within oneself when contemplating a quiet Arctic lake.

One of Outside Magazine’s Best New Adventure Books!