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How-Tos and Instructional Videos

Packraft Inflation

Basic Field Repairs

Whitewater Packraft Setup

Cargo Fly Internal Storage

Tempering Your Packraft

Temper Assist Valve Overview - Packraft Inflation

Bikerafting 101 - How to Attach Your Bike on Your Boat

How to Use the Pack-A-Pump

PFD Options - How to choose a PFD

Paddle Options - How to pick a Paddle

Packraft Seats

Heavy Duty Skirt - HD Skirt Overview

Packraft Materials

BHA Series: How to pack your Hunting Packraft

Repair and Maintenance Videos

Warranty Process

The Alpacka Raft warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Will explains the process in this short video. Please refer to the warranty page on our website for additional information or contact us at [email protected] if you have additional questions.

Checklist: Watch First Before Sending Your Packraft In

Watch this video before sending your packraft to us for repair. Here is a list a quick troubleshooting checklist of items to review before sending your packraft to us.

Finding Holes and Patching Your Packraft

This video takes you through how to find holes in your packraft and patch it for the longevity of your boat.

Long Term Packraft Storage

This video takes you through how to store your packraft for the long term and longevity of your packraft.

Cargo Fly Zipper Care on Your New Packraft

When you get a new packraft from us, or if you need a refresher on caring for your Cargo Fly zipper, this video explains the ins and outs on Cargo Fly zipper care.

Identifying Cargo Fly Zipper Rot

We cannot stress enough how important cleaning your Cargo Fly zippers is on your packrafts. If you are not great at keeping your zippers clean and dry, you could run into Cargo Fly Zipper Rot. Make sure your zippers are clean and dry for the longevity of your packraft and so they do not rot.

Temper Assist Valve

A quick introduction to the temper assist valve and comparison to a true one way valve.

Temper Assist Valve Leaf Replacement

Will in the Alpacka Raft Service Department takes you through the steps for how to replace the leaf in your temper assist valve.

Installing your DIY Attachment Points

We've been asked for years for a tutorial on how to install your DIY attachment points. It's finally here. We have the attachment points available on our website, and this tutorial will help you install them at home.

Replacing the Inflation Nozzle and Hose on Accessories

Replacing the inflation nozzle or inflation hose on Alpacka Raft accessories like seats, inflatable dry bags, and more is a pretty simple process. Will from our Service and Repair team takes you through that process in this video.

Understanding Deck Tape

A commonly asked question about our packrafts is about why they are seeing deck tape on their new packraft. Will from our Service and Repair team answers this question.

A quick chat about Packraft Rigging Entrapment Hazards

Just a quick entrapment hazards PSA from Will in our Service and Repair department. Will sees a lot of packrafts improperly rigged with entrapment hazards. Check out this quick clip from him asking you to properly rig your packrafts to avoid entrapment hazards.