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How to Determine Your Boat Size

Your sit length, not your height, determines your boat size. Follow these steps to determine your sit length.

Step 1) Measure Your Sit Length

  1. Place the starting end of a tape measure against a wall and pull out at least 48-inches of tape.
  2. Sit against the wall on top of or right next to the tape measure and extend your legs out flat without pointing your toes. We recommend wearing your preferred paddling shoes for this step.
  3. Have a friend measure the tape length to the bottom of your heels. Use a cardboard box if you don’t have an assistant. The distance from the wall to your heels is your sit length.

Sizing charts are listed on each model page under 'Sizing and Specifications' (for boats that have different sizing options).

Step 2) Choose Your Boat Size

Our recommended size is based on your sit length and the boat’s fit profile. If your sit length is in between our recommended sizes, we recommend the following:

  1. Classic: The Classic is sized for a relaxed fit, meaning that a typical paddler in the recommended size can fully extend their legs and not touch the bow unless they point their toes when sitting in the boat. We recommend sizing down if you are in between sizes unless you want a lot of extra foot room.
  2. Expedition: The Expedition is sized for a performance fit, meaning that a typical paddler in the recommended size can press their feet against the bow when straightening their legs which provides better control than a relaxed fit and more all-day comfort than the whitewater fit. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down to achieve a whitewater fit (especially if you are thinking about adding thigh straps) and sizing up if you want more leg room for longer days on easier water.
  3. Whitewater Series: The Wolverine and Gnarwhal are sized for a whitewater fit, meaning that a typical paddler in the recommended size will be able to deeply bend their knees for maximum engagement in the thigh straps for the most secure high-performance fit. If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing down for the highest performance fit and sizing up for a better all-day paddling fit.