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Service Department

All repair and retrofit orders will need to be scheduled by contacting [email protected] and some services may be delayed or unavailable. All repairs are a 4-6 week turnaround once you schedule your repair.


Please make sure to use the following check list to make sure your boat is actually in need of repair by taking the following steps:

  • If you have a leak, have you double checked to make sure the O-Ring is in your valve cap?
    If the O-Ring is missing from your valve cap, that may be the cause of the leak in your packraft. Every packraft sold includes an additional O-Ring in the repair kit, in the case you loose yours. Take a look at how the valve on your packraft works and why you need the O-Ring to make your packraft seal.
  • Is your Cargo Fly TiZip lubricated and clean?
    Often times zippers that have not been cleaned or lubricated can fail. If you happen to have dirt in your zipper this can also make your zipper leak. Or if your zipper is not lubricated it can stop your zipper from sealing. Here are a few tips to help keep your zipper lubricated and clean.


If you are sending your packraft in for repair, in addition to checking your O-Ring, and lubricating and cleaning your Cargo Fly Zipper, please make sure you do the following before sending it in.

  • Make sure your packraft is clean and dry before sending it in.
    We will charge a $50 cleaning fee if your boat is not clean or dry when we receive it.
  • Remove all repair materials prior to sending your packraft in.
    Do you have old repair tape and residues on your boat? Please make sure to remove it prior to sending it in for repair. If we have to remove your repair materials, we charge $60 per hour to remove your repair materials that may be in the way of the repair we need to make.

Have questions about the items above? Contact us at [email protected] and we can help.