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Cargo Fly Internal Drybags

Cargo Fly Internal Drybags

Select Type - Zippered Internal Dry Bags - Set of 2


Replacement or extra internal dry bags for the Cargo Fly system. Our dry bags are available in two different closure designs. The Zippered Dry Bags utilize a TruZip® airtight zippered closure and inflation tube, which allows them to act as secondary air chambers on river systems with multi-chamber permitting requirements.  The Roll-Top Dry Bags feature a stripped down and lightweight classic roll-top design. Both versions clip into place along the sides of the packraft with a quick release buckle. The XL Roll-Top Dry Bags are built for the larger Cargo Hulls in the Forager, Oryx, and Ranger and do not clip in place.

We recommend the Roll-Top Dry Bags for most packrafting trips and Zippered Dry Bags for additional durability and river systems with multi-chamber permitting requirements.  For extended river trips like the Grand Canyon and Middle Fork of the Salmon, we recommend a set of each and using one set for personal gear and the other set for food and group gear.  The Roll-Top Dry Bags and Zippered Dry Bags will fit all models except the Scout, but will be loose in the larger Cargo Hulls (Forager, Oryx, Ranger). The XL Dry Bags will only fit the larger Cargo Hulls.

When packing your Cargo Fly Internal Dry Bags, distribute the weight evenly between each bag and make sure to pad any hard items (pots, stoves, etc.) with clothing and keep them towards the inside and top of the tubes to avoid pinch flatting the packraft in shallow rivers.

All dry bags are sold as a set of 2.

Standard Roll Top Dry Bag:
10"x29", 34 Liters (rolled 3 times)
Zippered Dry Bag:
10"x32", 32 Liters