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Instructional Videos

Getting Started and Packrafting How-Tos

Whether you need a tutorial on how to inflate your packraft, basic in the field repair, your whitewater setup, or if you want more in-depth tutorials on paddling 101 or river navigation, we have you covered. Take a look at the tutorials below to help you get started.

The basics that you need to know to keep your packraft in good condition in the field and to make repairs as needed.

How to set up your Whitewater Series Alpacka Raft. This video covers seat, foot brace, backband, and thigh strap installation and techniques for getting the best fit. 

Note: Some of the designs and products have changed, but the methods are still relevant for the best fit and installation. Dry bags are sold separately.

Learn about the Alpacka Raft Cargo Fly internal storage system. Learn how to install your roll-top internal dry bags and secure them to the inside of the boat; how to pack your dry bags and other items into the side tubes of your boat; how to lubricate your zipper (and why this is VERY important!); how to maintain your boat; and best practices for cleaning, drying, and storing your boat after use.

Making sure your packraft has enough air is essential to every packrafting adventure. Learn about "tempering" and how to properly temper your packraft as you venture into the water.

Alpacka Raft's Temper Assist Valve is a commonly misunderstood feature on our packrafts. This valve operates by turning the blue cord and by closing the cap with the o-ring included. Watch to learn.

The Pack-A-Pump is a great solution for tempering your packraft and adding the extra air needed to keep your packraft topped off. This video shows you how to use the Pack-A-Pump and it's storage features.

Bikerafting 101: Here is an instructional video showing you how to attach your bike to your packraft using the strap plates and grab loops on your packraft.

Choosing the right PFD for your packraft is super important. PFDs keep you safe when you are on the water and can save your life. There are different types of PFDs based on your packraft use.

There are multiple paddles options available, and the paddles included in this video are a curated collection that we have found to be the best for Alpacka packrafts based on model and type of trips you are taking.

There are a few different seats available on Alpacka Raft packrafts. Thor Tingey explains the different seats and their use.