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May 15, 2017

Awesome Adventure Blogs That Include Packraft Adventures

Adventure Stories

What’s a Packraft Adventure?

Discover a plethora of packrafting, bikepacking, rock climbing and other adventure stories on these awesome blogs by some of the inspiring athletes who use our gear–Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, Dulkara Martig, Mike Curiak, Luc Mehl, Shirine Dugan, Shirine Dugan, and Roman Dial.

  1. Roman Dial’s blog is full of stories about adventures far from the road or towns. Called the “Father of Modern Packrafting” and an author of a definitive book on the subject, Dial travels as light as possible in order to walk and boat further and deeper into the remote places he loves. Check out his blog, The Roaming Dials.
  2. Photographer and professional mountain biker, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder (pictured above) just built a new website that’s chock full of great photos, videos and stories, including his Fools Tour adventures in Southern Utah. Check it out: Republic of Doom.
  3. Dulkara Martig is a “mad-keen” hiker, packrafter, mountain biker, sea and whitewater kayaker and light mountaineer from New Zealand. Check out her blog, Exploring the Earth’s Wild Places.
  4. Longtime Super User and friend of Alpacka Raft Mike Curiak owns and operates LaceMine29, a company that builds high-end, hand-built wheels for 29-inch bikes, fat bikes and 650b bikes. Check out his website: Lacemine29.
  5. Luc Mehl is an Alaskan explorer, multi-sport adventurer and racer whose three-quarters time work schedule allows him to spend more time exploring the backcountry. Check out his blog, Things To Luc At.
  6. Shirine and Kevin Dugan are a young and energetic couple who travel the globe by bicycle, foot and packraft. Check out their blog, The Wandering Nomads.
  7. Patrick Dormischian has a photography website that also includes a destinations section that focuses on multi-sport adventuring, including packrafting, hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, and urban microadventures in several countries.

Photo of Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, courtesy of the Republic of Doom.