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January 7, 2016

Calendar Contest Winner- January 2016

Photo Gallery

2016 Alpacka Calendar Contest: January

January’s dramatic winner is a self portrait submitted by Paxson Woelber.

“Packrafting the ice canyon at the mouth of Campbell Creek, in Anchorage, Alaska. Extreme tides and running outflow prevent permanent ice from forming over the whole channel, even when temperatures are below zero. Successive tidal flows cause ice to build up vertically on the slopes of the V-shaped banks, forming an overhanging canyon that can reach over 20 feet from water to rim. The walls of the ice canyon feature a fascinating array of ever-changing features, including sheer faces, icicles, caves, frost flowers, and other formations. Packrafting river outflows can be an exciting break from more typical winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing, though boaters must remain aware of the risks posed by extremely cold water, difficulty in getting out of the canyon, and the hazard of shifting icebergs that can rush in with the tide.”

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