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March 29, 2022

The New Alpacka Raft Manufacturing Staff Lineup

Bringing the Alpacka Raft Dog Pack to the forefront of the manufacturing process.

Dogs (...and cats, but mostly dogs because they are easier to bring to work) have been an integral to the Alpacka Raft team from the start. They are on our calendars, with us on the water, and alongside us at the shop. Sadly, we have failed to include them in the design and manufacturing process...until now.

Say hello to the new manufacturers of your 2022 lineup...

Sock: Repair and Warranty Manager - Owner: Ben Phillips

Bennie: RF Welding Specialist - Owner: Garret Stimax

Murphy: Repair/Warranty Consultant - Owner: Casey Kelley

Hershel: Flooring Pup Extraordinaire - Owner: Gene Henry

Ruby: Bar Tacking Guru - Owner: Laura Wright

Hensley: Shipping and “Retrieving” Specialist - Owner: Anna Garner

Stark: Product and Packraft Designer - Owner: Dustin Partridge

Rosie: Finance and Payroll Specialist - Owner: Nancy Halls

Gunnison: Marketing Director Owner: Emily Doig

Moss: Quality Control - Stacia Carola (friend of Alpacka)

Diego: Human Resources Manager “Neck-deep in paperwork” - Nancy Halls

Creech: Seam Taping Scholar - Owner: Zach Irwin

Apple: The True Voice of Customer Service - Owner: Hannah Sturm

Jules: Retail Supplier and Organization Expert - Owner: Melody Harris

Phoebe: Packraft Pump Assembler and Top Dog - Owner: Thor/Sarah Tingey

Hazel: Security Specialist - Owner: Magdalena Halls

Abbie: Sewing Manager - Owner: Sheri Tingey

Mesa: Material Cutting Pro - Owner: Nick Olson

Newt: Product Testing Adventure Cat - Owner: Emily Doig

Pet Hair:

With the new additions to our team, we must apologize in advance if there happens to be a little dog hair in with the orders. We are still working on the process to decrease shedding while making sure the Alpacka Dog Pack is highly "treated" and very happy while helping to make our products.

Pet Pampering Statement:

No pets were harmed in the making of this blog post and during this photo shoot. None of the machines were running during the making of this blog post. All of our pets are extremely loved and very spoiled. Many treats and so many pets and hugs were provided during the making of this post.

Talented Team of Makers:

All Alpacka Raft packrafts are handmade by a VERY talented group of makers, here in our Mancos, CO shop. Many of these makers are amazing artists, designers and creatives that have side projects. Love the puppy bandanas you are seeing in some of these photos? It's a side project. Check out Hazel Hankys.

Behind the Scenes:

A special thank you to the one that repairs your boats. Thanks for putting this together.