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June 15, 2023

2023 Dogs of Packrafting Photo Contest Winners

Thank you all so much for helping us choose the winners of our annual #DogsOfPackrafting (And Cats Too!) Photo Contest.

We had so many fantastic entries submitted during this year’s photo contest. Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting photos and by voting on social media. We had a record number of fantastic entries submitted and a really close race with the votes.

And the winners are...

Winner/First Place – Boise

Photo submitted by: Paul Hepfer (@boise_by_the_bay)

Second Place - Java

Photo submitted by: Emma Rova (@dacelo)

Third Place - Dunkel (and Steph)

Photo submitted by: Tim Ball (@the_campfire_smell)

Thanks again to everyone for participating whether that was by submitting photos, or voting. We really appreciate it and love seeing all of your photos! The next Dogs of Packrafting photo contest will be held next summer, so keep taking photos and submit them next year. Also, be on the lookout for our annual Calendar photo contest in September/October, we love dog photos in our calendar too!

The #DogsOfPackrafting Photo Contest Finalists

We had a record number of fantastic entries submitted during this year’s annual #DogsOfPackrafting (and cats too!) photo contest. Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted your entires. We've had a tough time narrowing it down and have came up with 12 finalists for you to vote on.

Help us choose the winner!

Vote on Instagram or Facebook by listing your entry in the comments section of the dogs of packrafting finalist posts. Choose one favorite and list your favorite finalist number in the comments (i.e. Finalist 1, Finalist 2, Finalist 3, etc.). Multiple entries by the same person will not be counted.


Finalist #1

Photo submitted by: Paul Hepfer (@boise_by_the_bay)
Description: Boise By the Bay, scouting Lake Florence just after the confluence of the San Joaquin River, 7,200’ elevation in the High Sierra.

Finalist #2

Photo submitted by: TrentPechon (@TrentPechon)
Description: Bennie and the Gulf of Mexico.

Finalist #3

Photo submitted by: Aleksandra (@lexlexiolexiunio)
Description: Lake Buszowskie in Western Poland withe the pup.

Finalist #4

Photo submitted by: Brieuc Porcheron
Description: Fastoche, friendly Samoyed on the Drôme River

Finalist #5

Photo submitted by: Tim Ball (@the_campfire_smell)
Description: Steph and Dunkel relaxing on the water of Talkeetna Lakes in Talkeetna, AK.

Finalist #6

Photo submitted by: Amie Wu (@akwuufpack)
Description: Milo, Pippa, Finn (L-R) ready for a paddle at Portage Lake

Finalist #7

Photo submitted by: Meghan Pritzlaff (@the_adventures_of_mrwiles)
Description: Penny at a sandbar on the Columbia river in Oregon.

Finalist #8

Photo submitted by: (@alaskadood)
Description: Roma having a great time.

Finalist #9

Photo submitted by: Brandon Martin (@brandon__martin)
Description: Hugs with Moss and Del in Wisconsin.

Finalist #10

Photo submitted by: Don Lester
Description: NIMS getting tired on the Provo River.

Finalist #11

Photo submitted by: Emma Rova (@dacelo)
Description: Java’s first packrafting trip in a lake outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, acting cheeky and teasing mum for being in the other raft not keeping up with dads speed.

Finalist #12

Photo submitted by: Channing Bolt (@channingbolt)
Description: Jasper the frenchie checking out Spencer Glacier before sending it down the river. September 2022.