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January 22, 2018

First #DogsOfPackrafting Photo Contest Winners!

Dogs of Packrafting, Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the winner of our #DogsofPackrafting Photo Contest!

1st Place (most voted on): "Earl and his dad," by ftswinner

2nd Place (2nd most voted on): "Trevor Jones and Duke on a Knik Glacier tour with Alaska Hiking and Packrafting Adventure Guides," by Erik Halfacre. Aqua-Bound

3rd place (3rd most voted on): "Squirrel-dog riding the bow and attempting to make Canine-Human conversation on the Nahanni River," by John.

Runner up: "Tasha the wolf dog loving her new alpacka mule raft," by Casey Crane

Runner up: "Pirate on the Placer," by

Runner up: "My #alpackaraft packraft came in the mail and I couldn't be more excited!!!Here's to hoping that Merlin will be just as laid back on the boat as Badger was," by @strassermonster

Runner up: "A little winter packrafting? Dang it's cold. Good thing the ocean was not ruff," by @a_dog_named_kat

Runner up (Translated from Spanish): "A look that is worth a world," by @anticoicebar.

Runner up: "First time on the new raft," by @ryawesomerobot

"I don’t normally post out of season or chronology, but this #thehatcherdiaries photo is too good not to share for the @alpacka_raft #dogsofpackrafting contest • Kanuti River, AK • August 19th, 2016," by @wildernessagenda.

Runner up: "Soaking up the last of summer with some of my favorites Wind River Range, WY," @nomadic_soles

Runner up: "A good dog, an inflatable boat, and a free afternoon can't cure everything...just the important things," by @dirty_kate.

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