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Great Packrafting Films
For Your Home Screen

We’ve put together a great compilation of films that incorporate packrafts just for you.

Photo: Annie Lloyd-Evans

Boredom. We know you’re feeling it, because we are too. With this in mind, we have put together a compilation of films that incorporate packrafts and couldn’t think of a better time to share them with you. Enjoy!

“Deer 139”

**Only Available Until April 25, 2020**

2019 | 55 minutes | Wildlife, Adventure, Documentary

Watch three women follow the 85-mile-long migration path of a scruffy, pregnant mule deer doe and learn to see the world differently in the process. They take on this adventure by packrafting, climbing and skiing their way along the migration path of this deer.

This film is presented by our friends at Artemis Sportswomen and the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF).

“100 Miles”

2017 | 10 minutes | Wildlife, Adventure, Alaska Fly Fishing Film

“Everything here is bigger, larger, harder and tougher than it looks. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or how great shape you are in, if you come here, you’ll contend with the Alaskan factor.” For this group of anglers, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. The goal of this expedition was simple – to use packrafts as a tool to explore and fish an extremely remote and braided river system, much of which is not accessible with larger rafts. The simple and no frills nature of packrafting offers the ultimate in flexibility and mobility.

This trip was not a first descent on an unnamed river. It was not some epic of mankind’s quest through the uncharted. But, after going 100 river miles without seeing another human soul, it felt like it. To revel in the unknown is the greatest thrill for an angler. And when it’s all over, the fishing, the adventure, and the solitude all culminate into a shared experience with the company you keep.

Read more about the 100 Miles film and Alpacka Raft’s involvement in the blog post and interview with producer, Cory Louma, at the link.


“Perspective” –  Filmmaker:
| Travel, Adventure, Urban Packrafting

Filmmaker Neil Irwin follows two intrepid explorers on a bike and packraft micro adventure through Amsterdam. It’s urban packrafting at it’s finest in this short film.

Read more about “Perspective, the packrafters involved and an interview with filmmaker Niel Irwin at the link.

“Mikonui Bikeraft”

2020| 3:06min | Adventure, Bikerafting

Bikerafting, a totally independent form of adventure travel, on this 2 day trip Emma joins Muel and Deane on a ride up the Totara Valley to overnight in a classic DoC hut. On day 2 the team straps the bikes on packrafts for the return journey down the class 2-3 Mikonui River in New Zealand.

Annie Lloyd Evans and Huw Oliver took a trip to Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas.

Check out the behind the scenes blog post about this trip at the link.

If you have additional packrafting films to add to this list, send them our way at [email protected].