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Ultralight Series

From landscape traverses to mountain lake fishing, to canyoneering and ultra-running, the Alpacka Raft Ultralight Series brings you a collection of packrafts perfect for your ultralight adventures. The Ultralight Series features our cutting edge ultralight packrafts, each handmade in Mancos, Colorado.


Tipping the scale at just 3.8lbs, the fourth generation Scout is built for mountain lakes, canyoneering, and short floats and river crossings.


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The Refuge is the dream boat for the old school packrafter who finds their own route instead of following an established one, featuring a WW deck, Cargo Fly, Backband, and 2-Point Thigh Straps.


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The Caribou is our bikeraft, with our late rise bow to strap on a bike or heavy backpack. Its lightweight fabrics and minimalist design make it the lightest full size packraft in our lineup.

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Our smallest and lightest packraft at just 2.25lbs. The Ghost trades durability for weight for specialist missions like ultra-running, critical river crossings, and unexpected water on canyoneering expeditions.


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The Alpacka Raft Ultralight Series features our lightest packrafts, where we have eliminated all unnecessary weight with more streamlined features, lighter materials, and minimalist designs. All our Ultralight Series models are handmade in the USA with the finest materials and have been tested to the extremes in the most remote locations on the planet. Ultralight Series packrafts include the Refuge for landscape traverses, the Scout for mountain lakes and canyoneering, the Ghost for specialist adventures like ultra-running, and the Caribou for bikerafting.