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Stuff Sacks

Stuff Sacks

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Ultralight silicone coated stuff sacks for packing your packraft into the backcountry. See Sizing Chart in next tab for boat specific recommendations. Colors vary.

Note: We recommend storing your boat outside the stuff sack to allow it to breathe. Dry the boat and either hang it or fold it loosely in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Weight: 1oz / 28g

Replacement stuff sacks are available in 4 sizes depending on your packraft model and configuration. Colors Vary.

Open Self Bailer Spray Decks - CR | WW | WR
Classic Medium Medium Large
Expedition N/A N/A Large
Mule Medium Large XL
Wolverine N/A N/A Large
Gnarwhal N/A Large Large/XL
Explorer 42 Large N/A N/A
Oryx XL N/A N/A
Forager N/A XL N/A
Racing Gnu XL N/A N/A
Scout Small N/A N/A
Caribou Medium N/A N/A