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Sustainability Efforts

Helping where we can.

Additionally, we are working to eliminate landfill waste by recycling leftover fabric scraps for use in scrap tote bags and scrap wallets. Not only are we offering an alternative solution to plastic bags, but we are recycling materials that would otherwise be thrown into landfills. A win for all.

In addition, Alpacka Raft green practices include:

  • Commitment to using low VOC adhesives in all our manufacturing processes’
  • Upgrading equipment to reduce material waste (eg. Switching to automatic vs. manual cutting) and energy use
  • Use of energy efficient lighting products throughout office and manufacturing facility
  • Commitment to sourcing US made raw materials, where possible, to further reduce carbon footprint and support other US manufacturers
  • Purchasing of alternative energy credits to offset our manufacturing energy use
  • Continuously working to cut down on packaging, extra plastic, boxes, and printed materials such as hang tags, instruction manuals, etc.
  • Passive heating options utilized in new construction
  • Recycling of aluminum, plastic, glass, mixed paper and cardboard
  • Encouraging employees to use the office compost for biodegradable matter
  • Reducing our consumption of single use plastic containers by re-filling cleaning supplies and other office products like hand soap, lotion, and dish soap
  • Alpacka provided re-useable coffee mugs for staff to borrow when visiting the local coffee shop
  • Alpacka provided Tupperware and silverware staff can take
  • Recycling all outdoor industry related media and magazines to the local public library so they can get a second read