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The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie V3 is here.

About the Valkyrie V3

Still have questions? Here are the ins and outs of Valkryie V3.

Learn about how the Valkyrie came about:

"My first experience in the Valkyrie I could hardly believe I was paddling an inflatable. It rolled so well, boofed like a dream, surfed waves, and edged so well. I loved that boat and got many happy days on the water in it. When the production version came out, I could hardly believe that it had again improved, everything I loved about the prototype was better. No small feat! I had been involved with prototyping numerous plastic boats over the years and the production versions always seemed to fall short after numerous last minute changes to be more conservative in making sure the boat wasn't too much for the market. I’m so happy to see that every rendition of this boat was a leap above the last and the boat that is now on the market is undoubtedly the gold standard of packrafts by which all others will be measured!"

Quote: Professional Kayaker & Red Bull Athlete, Tyler Bradt